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Book and Recordings

Some info about my CDs, books, publications:

Ami Maayani - Five Arabesques

This CD was released by the Fons Music Foundation (2001). This recording's name is "Five Arabesques" by the Israeli Composer Ami Maayani. In it, I play the fifth piece ("Arabesque #5") on the Hellmuth Wolff organ op. 40, Bales Organ Recital Hall, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. This recording is available from the Fons Music Foundation.

Organ Mosaic

Released in 2005 by ZBPI (USA). In it are some original organ pieces and some organ arrangements, performed by me on the Wolff organ at the University of Kansas. This disk is available at CDBaby.

Organ Mosaic II

Also released by ZBPI (2007). All new program - and also available at CDBaby!

Organ Mosaic III

Released by Dobrudzha Enterprises, 2009. Available at CDBaby. Mostly Baroque and my music, including "The Raven."

Organ Mosaic IV

Also released by Dobrudzha Enterprises (2012). A little repertoire, one arrangement, some compositions. Available at CDBaby.

Music by Bulgarian Jewish Composers
Introduced by Sabin Levi

This one was released in 2005 by CMP Studio (Bulgaria). In it are featured some of the works of thirteen Bulgarian Jewish composers, including me. In the CD booklet there is a biography and a picture of each one of them. In addition, there is also a sampler of art by Bulgarian Jewish artists. Available at CD baby.

New Music for Concert

A composition collaboration CD - in it I am featured with my Sonata for organ and violin. Available from Beauport Press.

Sabin Levi: Organ Music

Compositions-only CD - in my performance (2010). Available from CD Baby.

Chamber Music by Hors String Quartet ("Hors", which has nothing to do with the animal, is the name of an ancient Thracian god.)

Participation - with my piece for string quartet. Released by the Union of Bulgarian Composers (Summer of 2011).

Participation: A CD with trumpet music

This CD was published in 2016 by the NMA "Professor Pancho Vladigerov" in Sofia. I participated as an organist, together with the trumpet players Cyril Makedonsky and Angel Makedonsky. Authors include Jeremiah Clarke and Henry Purcell (my participation), also Telemann, Bach, Jules Levy, Velislav Zaimov and Yovcho Krushev. Available from NMA.

Composition and performance album: Music From Years Past

This is a compilation, consisting of concert performances, recordings at different organs, one piano recording, one carillon recording, electronic music pieces. I am featured as a composer, organist and carillonneur. Released 2016 and available on CDbaby.

Sofia Central Synagogue and its Musical Tradition

It is written in two languages - every left page is in English, and every right one - in Bulgarian. It has more than 70 pictures. Available online, for example in Amazon.
ISBN: 978-1477535561.

Bulgarian Jewish Musicians

This is a small book, with some information about Bulgarian Jews in general, and a little more detailed info about the musicians. It has many pictures of Jewish artefacts, buildings, and sites in Bulgaria. Available online.
ISBN: 978-1478233459.

The Most Important Organ Editions

My concise dictionary of organ music editions. Lists the most important editions for eighty-two organ composers. It was published in early February 2009 by the Union of Bulgarian Composers in Sofia, Bulgaria.
ISBN: 978-954-92200-2-5.

The Poliphonic Language of Arthur Honegger

In Bulgarian. Links Honegger's poliphony with the old traditions in this field and Honegger's study with André Gedalge. Published 2013.
ISBN: 978-1-304-90184-2.

Solo Violin Music by Leon Surujon

"Solo Violin Music by Leon Surujon." Includes previously unpublished pieces. This project was realized together with Prof. Yossif Radionov. Published 2013. It is free to download and use - contact me.

Nikolay Kaufman - Choir Transcriptions of Jewish Songs

"Nikolay Kaufman - Choir Transcriptions of Jewish Songs." I am the music editor, also engraver, wrote an article about the songs, classified them by heritage, performance ensemble, place of origin, identified variants. Published in 2014, with help from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume I

"Organ pieces by Bulgarian Composers." Here I am the editor. This is the first volume, more to follow, hopefully. Four composers featured: Velislav Zaimov, Your Humble Servant, Neva Krysteva and Artin Poturlian. Published in March 2009 by the Union of Bulgarian Composers.

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume II

Second volume got out of the oven in May 09. Four composers: Stefan Ikonomov, Simo Lazarov, Atanas Atanasov, Evgeniy Tcheshmedjiev.

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume III

Third volume consists of two organ sonatas - by Velislav Zaimov and Artin Poturlian. Got out at the end of July 09.

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume IV

Fourth volume consists of three organ sonatas - by Lazar Nikolov, Mihail Pekov and Velislav Zaimov's Second. Released in September 09.

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume V

Fifth volume: Two choral preludes and choral fantasy by Velislav Zaimov; Sonata da chiesa by Neva Krysteva; Three choral preludes by Sabin Levi; Landscapes of the Soul - for organ and trombone, by Krassimir Taskov. Released in September 09.

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume VI

Volume VI: Adrian Pavlov - Sonata breve “Les escaliers énigmatiques”, Artin Poturlian - Five pieces in Memoriam Friedrich Goldmann, Yordan Goshev - Sonata for Organ # 1, Sonata for organ # 2, Sabin Levi - two pieces for organ, Velislav Zaimov - Sonata for Violoncello and Organ, Sonata for Violin and Organ. (Spring 2010)

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume VII

Volume VII: Mihail Pekov - Choral, Five Pieces for Organ, Bozhidar Abrashev - Organ Prelude, Radosveta Hurkova - Variations on the song “Polegnala e Tudora”, Artin Poturlian - “Evening” - for mixed choir and organ, Yordan Goshev - “Chasing Away the Angel” - for organ and flute, Neva Krysteva - “Tebeh odeyushagosya” - Bulgarian Orthodox chant—transcription for voice and organ. (Summer 2010)

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume VIII

Volume VIII: Neva Krysteva - The Old Icon, Our Father, Radosveta Hurkova - Evharistia, Prayer, Artin Poturlian - Three Canons, Yassen Vodenicharov - Illuminations, Two Pieces for Organ. (Summer 2010)

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume IX

Volume IX: Rossen Draganov - Fantasia, Emil Mirchev - Poem, Haigashod Agasian - Greeting Song, Tsenko Minkin - Ave Maria, Neva Krysteva - Quantus Tremor, (2010)

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume X

Volume X: Peter Petrov - Studium VI and Partita, Martin Georgiev - Toccata e Fuga, Sabin Levi - Erendira (2011)

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume XI

Volume XI: Tsvetan Denev - Seven Pieces, Mihail Pekov - Three Liturgical Chants, Emilian Petkov - 20 Ostinato Variations, Sabin Levi - Four Choral Preludes (2011)

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume XII

Volume XII: Dimitar Naumoff - Warsaw Impression,Passacaglia, Triptych, Ivan Spassov - 6 Portraits of One Image, Vassil Kazandjiev - Elegy for a Mixed Choir and Organ, Roumen Baliozov - Agnus Dei

Organ Pieces by Bulgarian Composers - Volume XIII

Volume XIII: Neva Krysteva - "The Summit" and "Organum", Vladimir Tenev - To the Spring of Salvation, Boris Hinchev - Come