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Sabin Levi


Vita as of 2008















2004                      D.M.A., University of Kansas

1997                      M.M., Brigham Young University

1995                      B. Mus., Jerusalem Rubin Academy for Music and Dance, Jerusalem, Israel




2004                      D.M.A., University of Kansas

1998                      M.M., Brigham Young University

1995                      B. Mus., Jerusalem Rubin Academy for Music and Dance, Jerusalem, Israel

1986 -1990            Organ study in the Bulgarian Music Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

1986 -1990            Pianist Diploma, Sofia Music School, Sofia, Bulgaria




1998 – 1999 Studied with Prof. Albert Gerken in the University of Kansas

1996 – 1998 Studied with Prof. Don Cook in Brigham Young University









1999                      FAGO (Fellow of the American Guild of Organists), AGO

1998                      AAGO (Associate of the American Guild of Organists), AGO




1998                      Carillonneur Player Member Certificate of the GCNA (Guild of Carillonneurs in North America)





Teaching Experience


2000 - 2002 Language instructor, University of Kansas - taught two                                                        undergraduate courses                                          

2001 – Present       Private organ and piano instructor - teach individual students

2001 – Present       Private music theory instructor   

1995 – 1997 Assistant organ instructor, Brigham Young University – taught two undergraduate group organ courses

2006 – 2007 High School teacher, substitute teacher and paraeducator, Lawrence, KS


Organist and Choir Conductor


2005 – 2008 Staff Organist, Community of Christ Headquarters, Independence, MO

                   2002 – 2006 Organist and Composer-in-Residence, First Christian                                      Church (Disciples of Christ), Independence, MO     

1999 – 2008 Organist and Choir Director, St. Rafael The Archangel                                              Church (Catholic), Kansas City, MO

1999 – 2001 Organist and Assistant Choir Director, Red Bridge                                                              Christian Church, Kansas City, MO

1998                    Organist, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Lawrence, KS

1997                      Assistant Organist, Cathedral of Madeleine (Catholic), Salt Lake City, UT

1996 – 1997 Organist, Orem Community Church (United Church of Christ),

Orem, Utah

1995 - 1996 Organist, Trinity Methodist Church, Highland Park, NJ

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Masterclasses taught


2007                      Organ masterclass at Graceland University, Lamoni, IA

2005                      Organ masterclass at Graceland University, Lamoni, IA




1996 – 1998 Assistant University Carillonneur, Brigham Young University


Organ Builder


1998                      Internship at Bigelow Organ Company, Provo, UT

1993                      Internship with Gideon Shamir (Israeli organbuilder), Asseret,                                             Israel


Electronic and Computer Music


1998 – 2000 Computer Music Laboratory Assistant, Music Department,                                         University of Kansas

1996 – 1998 Computer Music Lab Assistant, Brigham Young University


Committee Participation


2000                      Member of the carillon search committee, University of Kansas




2002 – 2005 Organized fund-raising campaign for the restoration of the organ in the Catholic Church "St. Paul on the Cross" in Rousse, Bulgaria. Maintained correspondence with various Bulgarian and Catholic organizations, contacted officials, performed benefit concerts, published articles.


Artist's Representation:


                             Concert Artist Cooperative, Sebastopol, CA

                             7710 Lynch Road

                             Sebastopol, CA 95472



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2005                      "Organ Culture in Israel and Palestine" – Co-author, together with Gerard Levi (no relation), published by BookSurge USA, (ISBN: 1-4196-1034–1). This book describes all known organs, players, organ compositions and related events.




2007                      “Modernistic Elements in the Organ Music of Petr Eben” – in Organfocus (USA)

2007                      “Jewish Choir Tradition in Sofia” – in Music Horizons, Bulgaria

2005                      "Organ Culture in Israel and Palestine" - in The American Organist

2005                      "A Short Overview of Cιsar Franck's Organ Oeuvre" - in Organfocus (USA)

2004                      "Zahari Mechkov - In Musical Horizons (Bulgaria)

2003                      "A Brief History of the Organ Use in the Jewish Worship" - in Shireinu Notes (USA)

2003                      "Max Reger - Life and Work" - in Musical Horizons

2003                      "Adding Volts to the Pipes - A Short Survey of Compositions for Organ and Tape" - in The Organ (UK)

2003                      "The German Romantic Organ in Rousse, Bulgaria" - in Het Orgel (The Netherlands)

2002                      "Adding Volts to the Pipes - a Short Survey of Compositions for Organ and Tape"- in Bombarde (USA)

2002                      "The Sole Surviving Bulgarian Church Organ" - in The Tracker (USA)

2002                      "What the Medieval Organ was not" - in Musical Horizons

2002                      "Organs in Bulgaria" - in Diapason (USA)


Conference and Seminar Participation




2004                      SCI Sixth Annual National Conference in University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA                

2004                      SCI Region IV Conference in Arkansas State University Jonesboro, AR

2002                      The Music of Olivier Messiaen - University of Kansas                 

- 4 -

2000                      Music Midst Us Conference (Society of Composers, Inc.) - Lawrence, KS




2008                      Electronic Music Space in the Union of Bulgarian Composers, Sofia, Bulgaria

2005                      SCI Region VI Conference in University of Texas - San Antonio, TX      

2003                      SCI Region VI Conference in Stetson University - DeLand, FL

2003                      Electric Rainbow Festival - Dartmouth College, NH           

2002                      Computer Music World conference and workshop - Sofia, Bulgaria      

2002                      CMS Great Plaines Conference (College Music Society) - Wayne, NE

2000                      Music Midst Us Conference (SCI) - Lawrence, KS




2003                      Julius Reubke and the German Romantic Tradition - at the Aspen Composer's Conference - Aspen, CO

2002                      Organ and Organ Music Through the Ages - in the New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria




2002                      worked on various composition projects with Dr. Brian Haaheim, University of Kansas

1999 – 2000 electronic music projects with Dr. Michael Timpson, University of Kansas

1996 – 1997 electronic music projects with Dr. Stephen Jones in Brigham Young University




2006                      Piano music published by Imagine Music Inc. (USA)

2005                      Orchestra piece published by ZBPI (USA)

2003                      Carillon and piano works published by Fenwick Parva Press, (USA)

1997                      Organ works - MALI Publishing House, Tel Aviv, Israel

1996                      Organ and Piano Works, Amadeus Publishing Firm, Sofia, Bulgaria

- 5 -



2007                      Organ Mosaic II (released by ZBPI, USA)

2005                      Organ Mosaic (ZBPI)

2001                      Ami Maayani, Five Arabesques, participation (released by Fons, Israel)




2008                      New Music for Concert participation (released by Beauport Records, USA)

2005                      Music by Bulgarian Jewish Composers, participation (released by CMP, Bulgaria)





Organ Competitions


2002                      participant, GKCAGO regional competition, Kansas City, MO 1994 –1995                   First Prize, America-Israel Cultural Foundation Competition                                                 (AICF)

1992 –1993            First Prize, AICF Competition, Tel Aviv, Israel


Composition Competitions


2005                      First Prize, Anthony B. Cius Composition Competition, University of Kansas

2002                      Honorable mention, Friends and Enemies of New Music                                                    Competition, NY

1998                      Second Prize, Mayhew Competition, Brigham Young University




2004                      Ruth and Clarence Mader Memorial Scholarship Grant       

1998                      Jellison scholarship, University of Kansas

1995 – 1998 Full scholarship, Brigham Young University

1994 – 1995 America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship (for two years)

1992 – 1993 America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship (for two years)




Composition Teachers


1998 – 2004 Prof. Charles Hoag, University of Kansas

1996 – 1998 Prof. David Sargent, Brigham Young University

1996 – 1997 Prof. Murray Boren, Brigham Young University

1990 – 1995 Prof. Mark Kopytman, Jerusalem Rubin Academy for Music                                                and Dance, Jerusalem, Israel

1989 – 1990 Prof. Alexander Tanev, Bulgarian Music Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

1989 – 1991 Velislav Zaimov, Bulgarian Music Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria


Organ Teachers


1998 – 2004 Prof. Michael Bauer, University of Kansas

1995 – 1998 Prof. Parley Belnap, Brigham Young University

1998                      Dr. Richard Elliott, LDS Tabernacle Organist

1990 – 1995 Elisabeth Roloff, Jerusalem Music Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

1986 – 1990 Neva Krusteva, Bulgarian Music Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria


Organ Masterclasses


2004                      Karel Paukert, Lawrence, KS

2001                      Susan Landale, Lawrence

2000                      Gillian Weir, Lawrence

2000                      Catharine Crozier, Lawrence

1999                      Olivier Latry, Lawrence

1998                      Marie-Claire Alain, Lawrence

1997                      Richard Elliott, Salt Lake City, UT

1997                      Yanka Hekimova, Paris, France

1992                      Istvan Ella, Tel Aviv, Israel

1989                      Milan Schlehta, Prague, Czech Republic


Composition Masterclasses


2004                      Michael Torke, Lawrence KS

2000                      David Gompper, Lawrence

2000                      Chen Yi, Lawrence

2000                      David Dzubay, Lawrence






Selected Composition Events


2007                      Organ meditations performed in concert in Graceland University, Lamoni, IA

2006                      Piano music published by Imagine Music Inc.

2005                      winner, 60x60 radio broadcast competition (Vox Novus                                                       Radio, New York, USA)

2005                      Electronic music featured on the Japanese radio station Radio                                            Lava Lamp

2004                     Black Marigolds organ cycle was performed and recorded on the 21st Biannual Festival of the Arts, Zagreb, Serbia

2004                      Woodwind Quintet featured at the SCI Conference in Edmond, OK

2004                      Music commission from Gratitude Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria     

2003                      Invited to the SCI Regional Conference, DeLand, Florida

2002                      University of Kansas Philharmonic Orchestra performed Chasing Perotinus

2001                      Medical Arts Philharmonic Orchestra (Kansas City) performed Une Infante Defunte avec le Cheveux de Lin

1999                      Electronic music piece was featured on the Foldover radio


1999                      Organ compositions recital, University of Kansas Bales Organ                                             Recital Hall  

1999                      University of Kansas Philharmonic Orchestra performed Two                                              Pieces for Orchestra


Selected Organ and Carillon Events


‏2008                      Organ Recital in Trinity Lutheran Church, Dallas, TX

2007                      Organ Recital in Southminster Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA

2006                      Organ Recital in the church of St. Peter, New York. NY

2006                      Organ Recital in the church of St. Peter, New York, NY (second time)

2006                      Performed two recitals on KU Memorial Carillon

2006                      Performed a recital at Community of Christ Headquarters, Independence, MO

2005                      Performed a concert and taught an organ masterclass in                                           Graceland University, Lamoni, IA

2005                      Organ performance featured on Kansas Public Radio (KANU 91.5 FM)



2004                      Organ performance featured on Kansas Public Radio (KANU 91.5 FM)

2003                      Recital, Cathedral of Saint Mary, Novi Sad, Serbia (This

concert was featured on Serbian National Television and Radio and on MOST Private Television Channel)

2003                      Performed two concerts at the First International Organ

Festival, Israel       

2003                      Bachathon XXIV (Kansas City, MO) participation     

2003                      Benefit concert for the restoration of the Voit organ in Rousse, Bulgaria, at The University of Kansas and in Independence,               MO

2002                      Episcopal Cathedral Concert Series, Topeka, KS

2002                      Recital, Bulgaria Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

2001                      Recital, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

1999                      Recital, University of Kansas

1998                      Temple Square Concert Series, Salt Lake City, Utah (both on the Assembly Hall, and Tabernacle organs)

1997                      Recital, Church of St. Laurent, Paris, France

1996                      Temple Square Concert Series (Assembly Hall organ)

1995                      Bulgaria Hall organ, Sofia, Bulgaria

1990 – 1995 Various locations in Israel (Jerusalem, Tabha, Tel Aviv)

1993 -                   Concert tour, Hungary (Budapest, Zalaegerseg, Seksaard)

1976 – 1990 Various concerts as a pianist, organist, and composer in Bulgaria




SCI (Society of Composers, Inc.), BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.), AGO (American Guild of Organists), CMS (College Music Society), ICL (Israeli Composer's League), Bulgarian Guild of Composers, GCNA (Guild of Carillonneurs in North America)



List of Compositions

Fuga for piano - 1987 (Published by Amadeus, Bulgaria)

Two pieces for violin solo - 1987

Prelude and Double Fugue in D for piano - 1987 (Published by Amadeus,   Bulgaria)

Three etudes for piano - 1988

Song for a soprano and a piano - 1988

Organ choral preludes - 1989

Meditations for organ - (ongoing project) (Published by MALI, Israel)


Black Marigolds - organ pieces' cycle- 1989 (published by MALI, Israel)

Triptych for a solo violin - 1989

Four pieces for a string quartet - 1989

Canzona for organ - 1989

Echo for two guitars - 1989

Prelude and fugue in D - for piano - 1989 (Published by Amadeus, Bulgaria)

String quartet - 1989

Prelude and fugue in C - for piano - 1989

Sonata for a violin and piano - 1990, new version - 1999

Two choral preludes for organ - 1990

First piano sonata - 1990

Erendira - for organ - 1990

Morenica - choral variations cycle - for organ - 1991 (Published by MALI, Israel)

Inventio - for piano - 1992 (Published by Amadeus, Bulgaria)

Five pieces for a violin solo - 1992

Three pieces for a string trio - 1992

Choir song - 1993

Prelude and fugue in G - for piano - 1993

The dance - for orchestra - 1994

Song for a soprano, harp and flute - 1994

Sonata for three instruments - 1995 (Published by Amadeus, Bulgaria)

Concerto Grosso #1 - 1997

Octet - 1996

A piece for alto saxophone - 1997

Two pieces for orchestra - 1997

Kaleidoscope - for a string orchestra - 1998 (also in electronic music variant)

Titles - for an oboe and percussion - 1998

Second Piano Sonata - 2000

And then we danced - for viola and cello - 2000

Sinful-Soul-On-A-Skewer Rag - for piano - 2000

Une Infante Defunte avec le Cheveux de lin - for orchestra

Chasing Perotinus - for orchestra - 2001

Woodwind Quintet - 2001          

Concerto Grosso #2 for chamber ensemble and organ - 2004

The Raven - for organ solo – 2004

          O Day of Peace – for choir, chamber ensemble and organ, 2006

          Ballet (orchestra - 2007)


music commissioned for various commercial projects




Bulgarian, Russian, Hebrew, English, French




Prof. Michael Bauer, Organ Department, University of Kansas


ph. 785 864 9744


Prof. Charles Hoag, Chair, Composition Department, University of Kansas


ph. 785 8429914


Prof. Carole Ross, Deputy Dean Emeritus, School of Fine Arts


ph: 785 841-2719


Prof. Wolfgang Reisinger, Organ Department, Vienna Music Academy


Ph: 43 664 44 45 220


Prof. Michael Timpson, Music Theory Department, University of South Florida

          Ph: 813 974-7140


          Prof. Zamir Bavel, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

          Ph: 785 749 1110



















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